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.. Pictures That I Take As I Am On The Go. I Am Upto Something. Kindly Shower Your Blessings.
Them Pictures Got Value. 'Picture Value'. The question often going to be asked is, "what is the 'current' value of a picture?" .. You know this already don't you?


.. Pictures will be shot by us from everywhere and also for our lovely clients. Clients may alternatively provide their own pictures. That option is there. .. All of this applies to Videos too.
The cost of a '100 second video' shot by us and uploaded on the YouTube of PV is an amount in Rupees equal to "two (2) multiplied by the no. of 'Likes' on the Facebook Front" at the time of placing the order! Each 100 second video shall be accompanied by a description of 625 characters (call it a post). For more details, call 0 9716082650 between 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM all days. The same video can also come up on other internet platforms (if you so desire, and we RECOMMEND that) of Picture Value - Facebook, Blogger, Wordpress, Twitter (3 tweets, out of which 1 is general & at least 1 of the 3 is directed), Google+ Profile, Google+ Page, LinkedIn, Flickr, Pinterest(?), Tumblr, ... :-) at similar 'peanut molecule' prices. The exact metrics or costing for those fronts will be told here sometime. Else you can call at the mobile no.

The Facebook Likes decide the cost of/for the other platforms irrespective of their followers etc.
For the Videos, costing is on the basis of 100 second quantums, so if the video is till 200 seconds then the cost is "four (4) multiplied by the no. of 'Likes' on the Facebook Front" at the time of placing order. .. and so on ..
When you provide the video, then you pay double. Penalty? ... You shoot better than us?, and still pay double? ... Yes. :-)

Videos will also be shot by us from everywhere randomly.
Eclectic Show.
Payment is one time. There is no receipt in the current time. Of course, for your records you get sms's of your url's as they get generated. Duration is minimum 18 months from the time the video appears on any platform for that platform (the various media mentioned earlier). "Deleting a video upon request" at any time later is not something we understand. So don't request that one.
So make contact?!... It is RECOMMENDED that you go for all the 9-10 platforms, though you can even select 2 or 3 or 4 and so on! :-) , that option is also there.
Very very few videos  from this 'Picture Value' Project will come up in 'Shots India News' Project, the 'main' Facebook of which is currently at
Picture Value is ably marketed, for which we don't charge ya.
I need a patent on "coining the term 'Peanut Molecule' along with that usage"! ;-)

About Costing: You will get an idea from this >> On Facebook, 10 second video (minimum duration will be 100 seconds) costs 1/10 the no. of likes (in rupees), and on youtube it costs double this amount. Simple. So if whatever is the amount for a video on Facebook, call it 'x', then on youtube the amount is '2x.

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