Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Pictures On The Go Liked By All!

Pictures On The Go Liked By All!
Hi! This blog shall contain pictures that I shoot as I go around. I am upto something. Kindly shower your blessings!
The pictures are shot by myself, the Founder, Owner of Ether Domains. This is under the project "Picture Value". :-)
We shall also upload pictures of you upon request and at a nominal price. We can travel In India currently. The rates shall appear on this blog soon.
Sandeep Vij (9716082650),
Picture Value,
Ether Domains (Damn Good Domains),
Delhi, India.
Them Pictures Got Value? They Do, And The Value Keeps Increasing. How's That? You Shall Know Soon! Then The Question Will Be, "What is the 'current' value of a picture?" Then Ye All Shall Know Why It Is Called Picture Value!
Hey! Thanks for your visit to this blog and this post! As a token of appreciation, we offer you constantly updated tweets of a kind - "the value of them pictures"! :-)
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